Breve profilo generale

Gabriele Viale consulting is the result of a life walk, made of many different professional work experiences, but still educational. 
The first is, this is sure, the The Military Italian Alpine Trooper School. To be a military reserve officer, to guide an alpine department, to organise exercises, transfers, means, logistic, supplies, order of service for the employees and much more develop the skills of command, respect of hierarchy and sense of duty. 
Basic were also the sport experiences at every level ( especially with orienteering, in a swedish club). Sport teaches to lose and to win, but above all to understand that without regular trainings you will not reach important results. It teaches that it is you who has to reach finish line (your goals) because there will never be a finish line which will come closer to you. Sport teaches to suffer, to bite the bullet and not to give in at the first difficulties. I remember the trainings in Sweden at -20°, even twice per day, the winters in the dark, the runs through the forests with the snow falling on my shoulder every time I touched the pine branches.  Sport teaches you to stay together, to travel a lot, to discover new cultures. It opens the horizons and makes you meet many people: in the sport fields there are no social differences. 
Educational was also the work experience in Alfa Laval – Sweden. To work in a multinational company shows you the codified processes where nothing is left to coincidence. Here I acquired the skills for the team work, the horizontal organising processes, the simplicity of the management and accountings procedures.
The last, talking about time, experience is as orienteering event organiser in China with Park World Tour. I was the only Italian in an international team made most of all of Northern Europeans. When I got back, every distance seemed cancelled and, after having lived in Shanghai, Milan seemed to me a big quarter. Between 2001 and 2005 we organised races in Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nannig, Jaxi, contacting tv and international journals: in this way I acquired the know-how for structuring the events according to tv format.
All these experiences helped me in structuring the Gabriele Viale Consulting.